Why meetmind?

1. You lose enormous amounts of time and money

We waste at least 2 months per year via meetings.

71% of meetings are unproductive.

>$500 billion per year worldwide is wasted via meetings.

2. Your team suffers emotionally

Bad meetings lead to permanent frustration and a huge energy and morale drain.

Bad meetings generate stress, bad decisions and resignations.

It gets worse: The number of meetings is increasing every year, and so is the workload.

3. But meetings are crucial for your success

Meetings are required to establish effective communication, team collaboration and impactful leadership.

We need meetings for better business decisions and to improve our overall business performance.

Done right, meetings lead to happier teams and more satisfaction at work.

Meetmind empowers you to implement a healthy and productive meeting* culture.

* Physical meetings, conference calls, video calls, one on ones, daily standups, all hands, offsites and all other types of meetings.