Better meetings,
better work life.

meetmind helps you to implement a productive meeting culture. Save unbelievable amounts of money and time, boost your team morale, make better decisions and achieve much more.

We spend on average 35-50% of our working time in meetings.

We waste more than $500 billion due to unproductive meetings.

We have a toxic meeting culture.

Your team is losing serious money, energy and motivation, every day. Stop this – now.

We hate meetings. We need (to love) meetings. For your team morale, company culture, and overall performance: Let’s fix this together.

meetmind provides holistic solutions to implement a productive meeting culture.

Learn how meetmind leads to less and dramatically better meetings:

meetmind Meeting Commandments

A proven and comprehensive framework with best-practice meeting guidelines for your team, as booklet and in a digital version.


Mevil is the meeting devil. A really evil puppet. Designed to help your team to implement the meetmind Commandments sustainably in your meeting rooms.

meetmind Training

Implementing an effective meeting culture is always a change management process. Meetmind supports you with bespoke consulting and training services.

meetmind Software

The meetmind software solutions help you to implement the meetmind Meeting Guidelines in your team’s day-to-day practice and unleash unbelievable amounts of time.

meetmind enables meetings* that make your life easier and more successful.

* Physical meetings, conference calls, video calls, one on ones, daily standups, all hands, offsites and all other types of meetings.

“If we see someone throwing money away, we call that person crazy. This bothers us, in part, because money has value. Wasting it seems nuts. And yet we see others—and ourselves—throw away something far more valuable every day: Time. Unlike the predictable reaction we have to someone throwing away money (they’re crazy), we often fail to think of the person who wastes time as crazy. And yet time is a truly finite, expendable resource: The amount we get is uncertain but surely limited. It’s even more insane to waste than money — we can’t make any more when it runs out.”