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Save unbelievable amounts of money and time, boost your team morale and achieve much more.
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Meeting Commandments

1x Booklet
1x One-Pager
1x Poster
1x Digital Version

The meetmind Meeting Commandments are a best-practices framework for implementing a productive meeting culture in your company.

Digital Version

Mevil Puppet

1x Puppet
1x Sack

The Mevil is the meeting devil. He stays in your meeting room and helps your team to sustainably implement the meetmind Meeting Commandments in an entertaining, gamification-like way.

Buy one package per meeting room!

* One meeting alone that is more productive due to the meetmind package will pay for the meetmind package. One single meeting! Across the United States, over $25 million is wasted per day on meetings that aren’t necessary.
Leaders at one large manufacturing company discovered that a regularly scheduled 90-minute meeting of midlevel managers cost more than $15 million annually. So, again: one single meeting alone can pay for the meetmind package.