You know the Mevil. Better than you might think. He is in your office, every day, sucking the energy and motivation out of your team.

The Mevil is the meeting devil. He embodies everything evil about meetings:

Doesn’t respect others’ time and schedules.

Doesn’t prepare meetings.

Arbitrarily invites as many colleagues as possible to meetings.

Doesn’t start and end meetings punctually.

Doesn’t actively manage meetings he initiated.

Is distracted and writes emails during meetings.

Doesn’t follow-up properly after meetings.

... and much more!

meetmind has created the Mevil puppet for your meeting rooms and offices. The Mevil helps you to implement the meetmind Meeting Commandments. He absorbs every violation of a meetmind Commandment.

Implementing a meeting culture is a very human-centric change management challenge. The Mevil will make it much easier to implement the meetmind Meeting Commandments sustainably for your whole team.

How the Mevil works

1. The Mevil comes in a sack.
Everybody’s collective responsibility is to keep the Mevil from coming out of his sack, as he is the symbol of a bad meeting culture.

2. If someone – the meeting organizer or an attendant – has violated one of the meetmind Meeting Commandments, the other meeting participants’ duty is to take the Mevil out of his sack and blame the Mevil for the violation.

3. Blaming the Mevil for not sticking to the meetmind Meeting Commandments instead of blaming the colleague who has committed the violation makes it easier for everyone on your team to address meeting culture violations – in order to collectively improve.

4. As soon as a team member notes a breach of the meetmind Commandments during a meeting, their responsibility is to take the Mevil out of the sack and state which commandment was violated. (And yes, the meeting must be briefly interrupted.)

5. Coming unprepared to a meeting is also a reason to pull the Mevil out of his sack!

6. If the Mevil is out of the sack, he needs to stay out of the sack until the next meeting. The participants of the next meeting shall see that the meeting before was not compliant with the meetmind Commandments!

7. If a meeting participant notifies another violation of a meetmind Commandment, they need to grab, or at least point to, the Mevil and state the violated commandment.

8. When the next meeting in the related meeting room starts, the attendants of that next meeting need to put the Mevil back in his sack – and do everything to make him stay there.

9. If you observe that a meeting organizer violates a meetmind Commandment before (preparation phase) or after (follow-up phase) a meeting, let them know (via email or in person) about the violation by blaming the Mevil for the breach.

Read more (Step 4-9)

Summary: The goal is to run meetings that comply with the meetmind rules so that the Mevil always stays in his sack. If a meeting organizer or participant doesn’t comply with a meetmind Commandment, everyone else’s duty is to take the Mevil out of his sack and blame him of the violation of the commandment.

You’ve achieved peak meeting performance when you don’t see the Mevil anymore in your office!

The Mevil helps in an entertaining, gamification-like way to implement a productive meeting culture through continuous self-education by your own team.

Let’s make meetings great again for the first time.
meetmind brings love and fun into the physical and virtual meeting rooms of this world.