What is the objective of the site ?

The main objective of the site is to help the individual create a POWERFUL MIND.  Awareness (Meeting) of the MIND and channeling it appropriately, gives you the SUCCESS you need.

There are three steps to creating / evolving your mind to a SUPER MIND.

1. Preparation

2. Knowledge

3. Practice

All the three above has to be accomplished before you can use your mind in the most powerful manner.

The site will share and explore  ideas, concepts, techniques, teachings and thoughts by creating the largest hyperlinked gallery of videos and models (mind maps, sketches etc.).  Some of the models will be sourced from some of the best minds in the world.

What is the main intent of  the content on the site ? 

The main intent of the content is for educational use and promoting the original authors of the content. The site wants to ensure that the content complies with fair usage giving maximum positive exposure to the orignal authors. The site’s intent is to increase the value of the author’s existing work and online presence.

How do I explore different topics ?

Please click on any of the tags on the right hand side to explore this site further.

What are the guidelines used on the site ?

The main guidelines are to :

(1) Use short excerpts with links and attribution. 

(2) Summarize the author’s content in simple models or form factors.

(3) Give complete credit to the original author with a link back to a web site of their choice. 

If you think there is copyright infringement on the site, please email -  info  < at > meetmind dot com

Who founded this and why ?

This site was founded by Anup Surendran because he has inspired by what Salman did at the Khan Academy. Anup has used thought modelling tools like mind maps to efficiently capture thoughts, idea and concepts.  He found that these are very efficient for communication especially when we are living in a ‘low attention economy’. He wants to use mindmaps and also want to use other tools (including sketches) to make concepts, teachings and ideas easier to understand.

 What tools do you use to create some of these models ?

Anup currently uses Freemind  for most of the modelling and mind mapping. He highly recommends the tool for these kinds of work.

Can other’s contribute to this site ?

Anup welcomes anybody to come collaborate, make the existing content better, or provide new content.  You can send emails with ideas to i n f o < a   t> meetmind    .  com .

All content provider’s will get due credit for their published content.   The content will go through an approval process before it gets published.

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